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[aerogear-dev] Updated Android example

Glen Daniels
Hey folks,

Based on some conversation in IRC yesterday, I updated my Android sketch
further.  In addition to supporting creation and deletion of tasks on
the rhcloud server, there's now an abstraction called
AeroGearCollection, which works like this:

  tasks = new AeroGearCollection("tasks", Task[].class);
  tasks.add(new Task("Arrange rental car"));

AeroGearCollection associates a backend URL with a Java class for JSON
mapping and a set of operations.

Check it out at https://github.com/gdaniels/android-data.

A couple of points:

1) AeroGearCollection seems similar to, but perhaps not quite the same
as, the Pipe abstraction?

2) The AeroGear "libary" stuff (in the org.aerogear.android package)
does not itself deal with asynchrony/Intents/Services/etc, and that's
left to the application (org.aerogear.proto...).  In the near future we
may want to provide these components so as to make the user-facing APIs
simpler to use.

Thoughts/questions/comments appreciated.

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