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Luke Holmquist

i've started to add jsonp support to aerogear.js pipeline and i wanted to get some feedback that i'm on the right track

i have a example project here : https://github.com/lholmquist/WoWAerogear

those of you with yeoman installed can type "yeoman build"   then "yeoman server",  you might be able to get away with just the second command.

There are 2 requests,  the first using jQuery, so i had a baseline, and the second is with a modified version of aerogear.js

pipeline.add( {
        settings: {
            jsonp: true,
            callback: "myCallback"
    } );

I think declaring it during the creation makes sense.  
Being able to override the jsonpCallback would add a layer of security for when the server defines the callback,  I not sure if this should be put into a jsonpSettings:{ }  or leave it were it is

i only tested read atm,  just wanted to get some feedback first


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