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[aerogear-dev] More on AeroGear 1.0.0.X timing and release plans

Hi All,

I wanted to mention some things that I brought up at the team meeting about the release planning, versioning, etc....

__Version Conversion__

At what point do we want to synchronize our component versions for 1.0?

The original plan was to do this at the 1.0.0.Final release.  My initial thought is that may be too late and we'll hit some snag that will cause us unforeseen issues.

Another option is converge at 1.0.0.CR1 release.  Once we get to the CR1 release everything should be functionally complete and really only bugs, docs, examples to flush out.  The CR releases are also quick 2-3 weeks max.  Imo it makes sense to sync at this point.  

__Versions Post 1.0.0.Final__

Once 1.0.0.Final goes live component versions should be able to move freely with point releases at least for now imo.  Since this is a 1.0 a couple of point releases are sometimes needed to flush out unforeseen issues.  We should not need to sync on them.  

However for minor release (1.1) I do think it is important that we as a team decide and sync to that is required.

Then obviously for the 2.0 release we should all sync up again, but we can discuss that more at the F2F and as that comes closer.

__Final Prior to F2F__

Our face-2-face is the first week in February 2013.  Although our plans mention have Final either late Jan. or early Feb. I think we should make a big effort to get the Final release out before our F2F so so we can focus on the future!

__PicketLink Release__

Picketlink is planning to release a Final around December, so the timing could be good for us to update any security requirements and get that into our Final release.

So what do you guys think? Any thoughts, concerns, questions, comments welcome!!

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