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[aerogear-dev] Latest Updates to AeroGear.js

Kris Borchers
I have made a number of changes to AeroGear.js since the 1.0.0.Alpha release. I would appreciate it if you would take a look and let me know what you think or send any feedback and questions you might have.

So me of the new things added are:
  • Separation of data handling from Pipeline into a new component called DataManager
  • Moved the filter method out of Pipeline into DataManager - Data can still be filtered in Pipeline on the server side but client side filtering will happen in DataManager
  • Added a baseURL parameter to Pipeline for easier config of endpoints
  • Upgraded QUnit and add QUnit Composite to be able to run all test suites from a single page

As a reminder, the repo is here https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js and a good way to see usage examples is to take a look at the unit tests here https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-js/tree/master/tests/unit. Also, the docs are also available here http://aerogear.github.com/aerogear-js/


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