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[aerogear-dev] Firebase Cloud Messaging token

Matthias Wessendorf

summers pointed out that the "Server Key(s)" in FCM are being deprecated, and replaced by a "Firebase Cloud Messaging token".

In the Firebase API Console, I read the following for the Cloud Messaging Settings:

"Firebase Cloud Messaging tokens have replaced server keys for sending messages. While you may continue to use them, support is being deprecated for server keys."

OK, that's an easy change for us: It works the same. We need to change the UI to reflect the new name - that's all.

I just tested a successful FCM push (WebPush to Chrome), using UPS 1.1.x, with the generated token instead of the server-key. All continues to be fine.

BTW. In the Firebase Console, I did not see this yesterday morning (German time), they must have added it later the day :-) 


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